Australian Civil Aircraft Register

Welcome to the Australian Civil Aircraft Register update site.

Access to this database is by invitation only, and requires an initial set of installation files to work properly. If you have reached this page by accident or through a search engine, please use the back button to return to your previous location.

For registered users, click on any of the links below to download the latest database, images or other components. All are zipped to reduce download times and to bundle groups of files, and are password protected. If you do not have Winzip, it can be downloaded here .

Note: When installing a new version of the Ac_reg.mdb file, do NOT delete the old one; instead, unzip the new file to over-write the old.


Note: when the file download window appears, click on Save, not Open.

Type Filename Size Description Uploaded
Database 20.9 MB Ac_reg.mdb current to 29 August 2021 01/09/2021
Images TBA
Executable 1.34 MB Version 4.0 of the executable file Ac_reg.exe. Changes to cater for gliders and ultralights 20/11/2008
Reports 182 KB Additional and amended report definition files for Version 4.0 20/11/2008
Help 49 KB Updated help file for Version 4.0 20/11/2008


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