Bent rear axle Grab driveshaft and spin untill the bolt holding the center pin is visable,remove bolt,then remove the center pin. Rear Axle. Get adjustable and shorten the top and lengthen the bottom slightly or get the procomp rear box kit and use their rear control arm drop brackets. Had alignment and tech said rear left axle was bent on driver's side. 2,380 Posts. Save. You can check run out of the axle easily enough with a dial There are three types of axles in a car. I agree, that it is an optical illusion that the wheel locator is spinning true, and the interior of the wheel locator isn't cut true. if the axle is bent the wheel will wobble, if the housing is bent the wheel will still turn true in relation to the housing but the two rear wheels will not be parallel to each other and the tires will scuff and wear quickly. Remove the rear brake drum. 2003 Passat GLX: rear axle. Registered. issue and the truck would dogtrack driving down the road. 2 and the other . G2 Model 44 Axle Assembly. Dan. At one point it would be bent inwards at the top, then if you rotated it, it would be bent inwards at the bottom. Get it home and sure enough it's tweaked pretty good, about an inch of moment up and down. If the alignment numbers are off, it's bent and must be replaced. wheel drive. Is this something that can be replaced easily and what is the estimated price for the parts. I am going to the snow belt and actually need a … read more. And the housing alone from Mopar is $2700 (give or take) at a dealership. Left side is angled in at about 5º and the right side is about 2-3º. the trailer itself weighs close to the axle capacities. Bent axle shaft would cause the brake rotor to wobble and almost certainly a leak of gear lube. Jul 1, 2015 #1 Ok guys, and gals, Got tagged on my left rear hard enough it bent You could bend the axles along with the housing if you loaded the truck where it was down on the stops and then hit some bumps. If the rear passenger wheel looks like it's pointing farther in or out than the drivers side, the beam is bent. 96711-31080 – O-Ring. If not, you may be better off getting a replacement housing from a junkyard and rebuilding your rear axle. My question is with this bent axle what else am I damaging, I am worried about the rear end. This could also cause the right rear to sag The BMW tech told me that the rear axle carrier is a very sturdy piece and is unlikely to be bent out of shape, in comparison to the likelihood of the upper wishbone being bent. brought it into shop and sure enough my axle is bent pretty bad ( two seperate rods in axle and i had fucked one side) dont remember The reason for the bent axles is primarily due to your riding a bike with a freewheel. One suggestion: If your expierence a bent axle. Sometimes, there can be damage you can see but sometimes the damage may not be noticeable from a visual inspection but may have consequences related to operation. Sold 3/2018. The noise is fairly loud, especially when the car is making a sharp or fast turn. The wheel's rim was damaged, and the axle holding that wheel was "bent. If it still has an uneven, side to side motion it is likely the axle is bent (not the dif). 1: Overload (The scale will tell you) 2: Under size axle (Design flaw) 3: Defective axle (Material flaw) Oh, "Off-roading" or "Pot-hole highway" may be able to do it if you are near limit too. My driver's side mirror virbates when drivng too. But my local VW dealers says it will cost $2,000 to replace it. Truxedo Titanium/Sentry cover Go Rhino RB20 running boards Toyo Open Country AT2 285/70r/17 589FAB level. Ray. There may be more going on here but you have at least one bend axle IMO. Still "shaking" on the drivers side. I put a level on my rear wheels a few days ago because it looked like they were leaning in a bit. One of the most common symptoms of a bad axle is a loud, clicking noise that is heard when the car turns or accelerates. If it's just tilted inwards through the whole rotation of the tire then the axle tube is probably bent and the shaft is probably If not, you may be better off getting a replacement housing from a junkyard and rebuilding your rear axle. 12. Well, I took my tundra to an alignment shop with a Hunter alignment machine and the rear axle is bent. SCALE THE THING. Glance over at the passenger side and realize it's bent as well just maybe 1/2" total movement, barely noticeable compared to the driver side. 2017 Deep Woods Green ZR2 CC. T. Hello, and welcome to FixYa. You can put a straight edge on the axle tubes, or remove both shafts and possibly the carrier, if it has a cross shaft, and run a dowel through the housing to check. It is a common belief that a bent rear housing means you must buy a new rear end but that is not the case! It really depends on the severity of the damage. 29s Locked/30 Spline Longs/38 TSLs. A bent axle is a common problem for many vehicles including the Chevy Silverado 3500, Ford F-350 Super Duty and Dodge D3500 dual wheel rear ends. 55 total rear toe. A fairly inexpensive repair. Member. It rotates :doh: You couldn't bend the housing without bending the axle, IMO. e. 018" injectors, 4" exhaust, 3" air intake horn, Super HX40/16, G56 SBC Con-OFE, 3:07's axles, 2" skyjacker lift, air ride rear suspension,B&W flatbed. 212 60'. Had for new tires put on and balanced. 10. Average failure mileage is 29,800 miles. If you sustained the damage during an accident or by hitting road debris, and it caused damage to the wheel, it’s possible that your wobble is from either a damaged wheel or a bent axle (or both). It looks like the rear axle shafts are bent. 0/5. Cody318. The differential connects two halves of the rear axle and each half is termed half shaft. Only You could bend the axles along with the housing if you loaded the truck where it was down on the stops and then hit some bumps. I just had the same issue with my 2012 C Lounge. The I6 WJs with the full time 4wd transfer case and vari lok axles , those I6 models will have a D44a rear axle. Best pass 8. This usually isn't a problem. Rear brake shudder possibilities. Either I can bend the housing back straight and extend the truss outwards to reinforce Only show this user. Axles are cheap and differentials are expensive. Thread starter ffd95; Start date Jul 1, 2015; F. To swap and replace the axle shaft with new wheel bearings. #8. It's actually not unusual for the sprocket cluster to appear to "wobble" a bit (a millimeter or so) as it's rotated on the hub. 95 @ 119 mph NX 150 shot. Just get some chromoly (Ten Factory Dana 44 30-spline rear shafts -. 98 1. If you replace shafts, search on here on how to make your own jig to remove the bearing from the shaft. Instead of being junk headed for the steel recycler, our junkyard axle is now better than ever. Here are some thoughts I have from most to least likely. 4 which I hope was a typo as it indicates one axle had nearly 1/4 of an inch run out and the other nearly 1/2 of an inch! Regardless of that, it does not state that larger axles were installed (which would have required a lot more parts) and that statement by the service tech was pure BS. 00 plus shipping most axles, Been doing it for long time also straighten chassis and steering shafts Thanks. The driver side rear panel was bent in a bit and scratched, but the big problem was that the other car hit my driver side rear wheel. 741 Posts. #2 · Dec 23, 2011. $14. 1L or a duramax. Hi! I need a new rear axle for my 2003 Passat GLX--I bent it going over a median strip. BTW, if you're replacing the beam it's a good time to replace the rear axle bushings (big fat ones at the front of the beam). If they wobble then, remove the rear tires, and putting the lug nuts back on to hold the drum. Below is my parts list in sequence from the back side of the axle shaft moving to the differential: 42311-34050 – Right Rear Axle Shaft. Its not hard to do at all. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 15, 2021. Most of them get tweaked or bent through use . u-Box Rear Bed Channel Stiffener Support Brackets Compatible with Toyota Tacoma 05-22 2nd & 3rd Gen Pickup Truck - Pair. Jul 1, 2015 #1 Ok guys, and gals, Got tagged on my left rear hard enough it bent Bent Rear Axle? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. If the entire hub wobbles on the axle as it turns that's a problem (but oddly one you generally wouldn't notice with the wheel on the bike). 2. The rear tire would also wobble on the road. #2. Shaft Wobble and Vibration. It's a little bent as well, so I'm going to replace all the studs on that wheel and hope that fixes the problem. The Dana 44 axle assembly built by G2 and sold by 4WD Hardware is a great alternative to rebuilding the stock axle. There is no assembly needed, just swap over your Mar 14, 2005. Its been to two garages now, one of them reckons the axel is bent, the other says theres no way its bent and its something to do with some sort of bracket on the rear wheel being knocked out of place :S The one offering to replace the axle wants silly money imo and the other is to busy to take the car for the next 2 weeks. Using an I beam and some chains you can get it pretty close! On 2007-08-16 05:05, snowjay wrote: If the actual axle shaft is bent then the tire would wobble. This clicking noise is caused by a loose CV joint in a worn down axle. 1970 SS 396 project in progress. So the Jeep hit a large rock at high speed (was not offroading at the time). Throw the truck on a 4 wheel alignment rack. 43. 25 @ 111 mph w/ CMS stage II cams. I have another run to Adairs lodge planned Sunday . Arizona Differential charges a very reasonable $200 to $300 to straighten a front or rear axle Rear brake chirping is a sure sign of a bent axle. 13120 Lazy Glen Court. Bought 5/2018. 69. Axle straightening located in Indianapolis Indiana Bill 317-491-8751 Starting at $ 30. Joined Dec 15, 2010. The upper control arm in your picture is not stock so I can not be sure it’s stock length. Swap a wheel from the front if it wobbles and check again. Cro-mo axles are stocked by most LBS in the UK, cost about £5 to £10, but you do need to make sure that it matches your existing set up, ie, the overlock nut dimension ,the overall length, and the cone to lock nut face,(both sides), is the same. The guys at the store pointed out that the drives side rear wheel is bent in at the top and also bent 3/4" to the left for direction. Can a bent axle tube be straightened? I have an XJ Dana 44 housing in my ZJ and the passenger side tube is bent between the coil bucket and housing end. Not sure when it happened but a buddy told me I bent my drivers rear axle shaft. It is 1. Her is what you need to do: Remove the wheel/tire. Hi all, Just found out after trying to get an alignment that my rear axle is bent. ·. 87 at 150. 96 @ 102 1/8th mile. Hello out there, I have a 2013 troy-bilt bronco lawn tractor that has either a bent right rear hub or axle. If its a few degrees you can get camber and toe shims from Pure Motorsport. Clicking Noises. I had a rim straightened that we thought may have been bent a little too far from tolerance. Bent axle or damaged wheel: Often, the only sign of a bent axle is a wobble in one wheel. Oak Hill, VA 20171-2326. Its pretty easy if you have some flat plate and some pipe lying around. Let me assist you as follows: Removing the rear axle shaft is realy quite easy. The work order indicates one axle was out . Remove the park brake cable. Many are built with suprisingly low load ratings - i. Its been sitting at the shop for a while now and Im still waiting on an estimate and repair timeline. Good luck, post pics and keep this thread updated for the rest of us! $1800 for parts and labor. #1. Posts: 755. Hawkrod. 39 Ford Deluxe Coupe. I had to stop using front brake only when that happened. Towing the trailer nose-high, i. hawkrod. Sep 27, 2016. Worth getting the car on for basic 4 wheel tracking, it should show it being out. So they can't be talking about the housing, not for $1,000. Bent right rear RH axle 2001 prerunner 2wd. #12 · Mar 22, 2011. Basically the car was making a chirping sound when ever i would turn to the left turns out the axle was bent and needed to be Hello out there, I have a 2013 troy-bilt bronco lawn tractor that has either a bent right rear hub or axle. As long as the housing itself isn't bent you're in good shape. When a vehicle makes a humming or whirring noise, it is usually caused by a damaged or worn-out bearing in the axle or 2. -axle seal or wheel cylinder leak allowing oil / fluid to contaminate the brake shoes. So I went back and looked through my records and found the before and after alignment sheet the dealer did before I purchased my vehicle. Best 60', 1. 11,719. Push the axle in and remove c-clip,then pull axle,do not turn either axle. ffd95 New member. Now if you bent the axle housing, that could cause a seal failure, but first off, you didn't do that either. Got a "tad better when I had balanced and aligned thou. 25 inches. You would feel that immediately the first time you stepped on the brakes. I'd expect to put a new bearing on an axle from a salvage yard but wouldn't do it until I'd run the axle and the bearing proved bad. Bent Rear Axle? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. I will be replacing the axle & CV joint as well as the wheel bearing as the same time. Doogle. Shop Shark. I have been quoted about $3200 for installation of a used new Drivetrain - 2001 - 2010. I'd pull the rear drums to check. I've had this happen a couple times and one actually broke. When a vehicle makes a humming or whirring noise, it is usually caused by a damaged or worn-out bearing in the axle or It's actually not unusual for the sprocket cluster to appear to "wobble" a bit (a millimeter or so) as it's rotated on the hub. The 2015 Honda Fit has 2 problems reported for bent rear axle. TNToy. the tires do keep flat spots and it drives me insane ! They are phirelli scorpions and they are warm weather only tires. $460) shafts for it and you'll be fine. A bent housing and improper toe are the only two ways I can think of to get a / \ situation on a Toy axle. Use a dial indicator and see if the axle is bent. Cra Cra. The rear axle can be found between the driving wheels and the differential and it delivers power between the two. If you slide sideways in to a curb, you will bend the flange on the axle shaft. Freewheels (as opposed to a freehub) have a length of unsupported axle on the drive side of the bike that is vulnerable to bending. Thrash74 · Registered. #3. SR-71A, Jan 3, 2022. It ended up just being the shaft. 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD LB7 Regular cab, 03-07 GMC front end conversion, Lowered 3 inches, Gear Big Block 20x10, 33x12. The thing about the axle is it isnt a 12mm. No need to replace both or pull the entire rear end to do the job Performance Parts Inc. A bent axle can be straightened. I took it to Fastenal and they estimated 100-200 it would be a one off. Posts. Culleoka, Tennessee. Oct 11, 2018. 42441-34010 – Oil Deflector. Nine out of ten housings that I work on will require straightening on at least one axle tube. A buddy had the / \ problem and he turned out the have a 1/2" of toe OUT instead of the standard 1/8" toe IN. It takes a lot of abuse to bend the housing. All V8 models have the D44a rear axle. 75") and can get the assembly and installation for around $1200. . (703) 742-6207. #2 · Oct 15, 2011. I had a bent axle after i drifted around a corner, held the car sideways too long, and then clipped the end part of a blind angle curb. As the bend gets worse, the vibration will become more and more apparent, until it I understand it's possible the frame is bent, but given the truck drives straight, if it is, I don't think it's causing the wear on the insides of the rear tires only. 55, 9. Reactions: mr angry. have a steady misalignment. Ive replaced axles on cars before (Hub and axle) There is a wobble in the wheel and wheel has been checked and is true. Independent rear suspension might be for you *wink*. Im no mechanic but id estimate the stub axles would bend before the axle. Bent axles can be caused by two or 3 things. 99. A failing differential [both front and rear] will make a whirring noise, whining noise, howling noise, and humming noise. At higher speeds, 20 mph and up, the wobble may turn into what feels more like a general vibration. But the housing would need to be replaced also. The result is my rear tires are toed out 1. 1989 Toyota SAS 3VZE/RF150F/Dual RF1A's/8. Imogene pass is not going to destroy a rear axle shaft. Only Jack up rear axle,block front wheels and put trans in "N"(engine off),remove rear diff cover and let drain. Share. 18 satisfied customers. In the majority of automobiles, the vehicle’s wheels and rear axles rotate together. Joined May 16, 2006. -out of round brake drum. 634 Posts. A bent axle won't. The axle shaft itself is 13mm or so they estimate and then its machined down and threaded to a 12. Joined Feb 15, 2021 · 2 Posts . Then pull wheel and brake caliper,rotor. I assume the diff is in working order though since it's drive able. * the rear axle carrier is misshaped due to the accident and was never replaced or repaired properly. Bent rear axle. A quick and accurate check to find an axle bent enough to be noticeable is to pull the wheel, make sure the drum is seated tight to the axle flange, pick a spot on the backing plate to watch the gap between it and the drum, spin the axle and look for any deviation in the gap, (wobble of the drum). There are three types of axles in a car. With the axle picked at a junkyard, I wanted to determine if the axle shaft was bent or if the housing was bent. Well I would suggest jacking it up and putting it on stands and having someone run the truck to see if the wheels wobble. I got a new lug nut on the remaining stud that I had. That is the primary reason why freehubs were invented. I have been quoted about $3200 for installation of a used new If the rear passenger wheel looks like it's pointing farther in or out than the drivers side, the beam is bent. It pulls hard side to side, tire shop said the wheels look angled in. Other I6 models will have the D35 rear. Id start simple - make sure the leaf spring centering pins are intact / not broken / located properly in the spring perch. and having someone start the truck and drop it in drive. I assume bent axle means bent axle, not bent axle housing. It's going to eat up my new tire very quickly. They’re bent because of bad angles from the control arms twisting the axle up. I've sourced an axle assembly from another truck locally with the same specs (open diff, 3. Winner - POTM March 2018. Sep 17, 2001. 6. Bent Rear Axle shaft? Jump to Latest Follow So to answer your question, the only rear axle components that will work have to be for or from a 8. – Daniel R Hicks. If it is bent outside the bearing area or at the hub, you can stretch it out for a while, but it will cause some funky tire wear. :laugh: D35 did not have hydralock/varilock. We had one bent on an old 74 powerwagon and drove it that way for years, before replacing the axle. " I had the rim fixed, but the bent rear axle makes the car drive with a lot of wobbliness and I need to get it fixed ASAP. Click to expand Simply replace the bent axle. 0/8. Bent or broken ( and ruined hubs) is a common problem with low end bikes, and the sellers of these are very resistant to warranty claims. Only show this user. my local VW dealers says it. Which is different than a 'bent axle'. The other three checked out. the rear seems to have the vibration Like a bent axle shaft and hard turning like a bad wheel bearing. SEDY 14-Pieces Female E-TORX Star Socket Set with Red Case, 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" Drive, Female External Star Socket Set, E4 - E24 Torque Socket Set. -brake drum not mounting flat on axle surface. Hi Brian, Welcome to The RV Forum! Unfortunately, bent axles and the resulting tire wear are fairly common on travel trailers. If they are not, the axle will not be perfectly in line with the truck which will cause crab walking. a bent trailing arm, then it should cause a visible alignment. Use a rear bent axle housings and bent axles two different things. itll cost you a lot to make that out of titanium unless you can do it yourself. 2014/93 W350 DRW, fuel pin turned, 6X. The total rear toe was . Apparently the rear axle (Dana M220) is bent and it drives like crap, effectively undriveable. The sound is loudest on the of the vehicle with the Here is a small pictorial on how I straighten 9" Ford rear end housings. When you've bent or broken an axle shaft, one of the clearest ways you'll notice is how at lower speeds the car might seem to wobble. Jack the rear of the truck off the ground and spin the wheel by hand, that should tell the tale. Remove the brake line to the rear wheel cylinder and plug the line. #4. 5 MT Tires, Wetzel Performance wheel, Ported Horn I assume bent axle means bent axle, not bent axle housing. That will tell you if it has a bent axle. There is no adjustment of the rear beam. A bent housing will cause uneven tire wear, ill handling and possible bearing failure. 42409-34010 – Axle Bearing. A bent housing would cause problems - brake noise would not be one of them. with a hitch mounted too high on the tow Posts: 755. The above video is pretty shitty but you will get an idea of the severity of the bend. 42443-60010 – Oil Deflector Gasket. This method will work on any rear end housing. Likely just the flange at the wheel studs. Well, like I said, if the housing isn't bent, check your toe-in the way I stated. One thing that'll cause bent rear axles is when the locknut isn't strong enough to keep one end of the axle from moving in the slot while the other end is locked in tight. Jan 2, 2019. 90208-48002 – Spiral Washer. These noises will gradually change during acceleration, deceleration, or when turning around the corner. If the rear housing is misaligned from a bad bushing or. john1. while back i noticed wear on rear tire is all stupid, get a friend to follow me to realize back tire wobbling pretty bad. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. The sound is loudest on the of the vehicle with the Cody318.

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