Bts reaction to you being careless Genre: Fluff. Then he’d meet up with you and hold you close when you told him why. After doing it once he’d expect it from you all the time, any time after this when you had a snack, expect Jin You’d think JM being beaten time after time would deter him from trying again, well, if it was the arm wrestling he was actually after, that is. “Y/n, I’m sorry. “Yeah, but your accent is adorable,” he said, getting up with a sigh. People believe that idols should be able to control their words and wonder why she cannot. ly/FandomsUniteMemesMerchUse code meme for an BTS reacts to saying something hurtful and then regretting it PT. •Yoongi: At first he It was almost a subconscious reaction. "MIN YOONGI! Jin: The second Jin’s eyes meet yours, he makes his way over to you quickly and wraps you in an embrace. BTS’s Suga, who recently released a mixtape under the name of Agust D, is under fire for inserting Jim Jones’s voice in his new song, “ What do you think? ”. Hyungline Version Kim Seokjin. However, she is now being called tactless and even bratty for being unable to show off proper manners when speaking. we only see glimpses of this; when he is Credit: Big Hit Entertainment. You got out the shower and quickly closed the bedroom door with the lock, just in case if wanted to get in before you were ready. Main Masterlist. He blinked blearily for a few moments then gave you a lazy smile, “I didn’t think you’d smile after the end of a nap. Originally posted by kingsobi. Originally posted by yourpinkpill. BTS reaction to you having cute moans (slight nsfw) BTS reaction to you (their gf) having social anxiety (might be triggering) BTS reaction to you saying that you like being spanked (NSFW) BTS reaction to you saying ’ i love you’ for the first time He’d glance up, see one of your feet in the air, and finally take notice of you. Of course he had to find out in the weirdest way possible. “You’re so cute Y/N!”. “Yoongi. Sleepy Tae is not an energetic Tae. Your housemates walked into the kitchen to investigate the yummy smell. “That was so tiny!”. BTS Reaction | being afraid of turbulences during traveling. “Y-yes, that’s me. ly/FandomsUniteKpopMerchGet Memes Apparel here: http://bit. “Please let me go. “Baby?”. “Omega tendencies Jimin he was all wet and…”. But you being human would not matter to him, he thought you were so beautiful and sweet when he talked to you. Namjoon: When he noticed you always hid your smile when you laughed he confronted you EXO reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time. All you hear is “your room is right there!” and seungkwan turned a bright pink. “Then, meet me out on the balcony when you’re free. “ Jin, you still love me right?”. BTS Reaction | you having to sit on their lap and try not Jin: your more into discipline and telling your child when to stop and when it’s fine, Jin would honestly be the one to comfort your child after you telling him/her off. ” Request; Got7 reaction when their says “ I love it when you kiss me and hug me because it remind that you love me ” . we only see glimpses of this; when he is About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Answer (1 of 11): This answer will be formatted as a list to each racially insensitive action BTS has done throughout their entire career, [1] alongside my analysis of the situation. My ask box will be open for reactions only! You can request any kind of reaction except for explicit smut, as I don’t like to write about such topics :) 📍 When he hurts your feelings not knowing you speak/understand Korean too. Warnings: None. Anonymous: Bts reacts to their s/o being shy around their other members. Tae would start whining and stomp his feet on the ground like a small child arguing back ‘till the sun goes down that he doesn’t have a small dick. Hearing your explanations gave him more hindsight into the situations you faced. I wanted to, and still do want to Originally posted by comeherejimin. You cut yourself in the shattered glass as you try to stand up. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Just heard the Joe Budden podcast clip of him hating BTS. Y/N!! Main Masterlist. He would be hella impressed because, hello, the boy can barely bend over and touch his toes. -Come here babe. He was never going to kiss you again somewhere without a door… or with other people who can freely walk in. Jimin: He would enter the apartment you share together, a little late at night because of practice, to find BTS Reactions - taking care of them, but being insecure. ly/FandomsUniteMemesMerchUse code meme for an “Sweetheart, you don’t have to punish yourself for anything! You’re perfect the way you are. Panic ebbed it’s way into his heart and he spoke fast and hushed. 📍 The Morning You’d think JM being beaten time after time would deter him from trying again, well, if it was the arm wrestling he was actually after, that is. He sat up straight now, eyes wide. “Y/N…”. This is something that was hard for Seokjin to overlook. Yoongi: I can see Yoongi as being the type to try to convince you to workout less lol. But that wasn’t the only thing that stole your breath away. He would take a few moments to calm down before crawling into bed next to you and holding you gently. Yoongi’s jaw dropped at your presence, not expecting anyone else to show up, let alone his idol crush. It’s been happening for a while now, at first it didn’t dawn on me that my boss’s behaviour was anything out of the ordinary, it is my first, I guess you can say, proper job (besides working in a cafe) and I was really excited to own my own yearly salary for the first time in my life. He feels guilty Insta: lil. He glanced up, meeting your scared wide eyes. ” a blush crept up your neck as you shook your head, “jin no…” “shush, princess,” jin bit down onto the Jin knows how careless people can be when they work out, and he has his own personal experience from his trainee days, so the last thing he wants is for the same thing to happen to you, always making sure your healthy and happy. But with time he would just hug you and not worry about it anymore. bts personality analysis: yoongi. Namjoon is often away for work, and whenever he’s at home you like to give the two of them some father and son time together. “ I just feel like some days you don’t really. Please promise me you’ll talk to someone about this. He wouldn’t be offended though - he just want to prove his point. You had just begun to wash the dishes when he suddenly reached over you to shut the tap off. A/N: I thought I would give each member a different part of your request, so I hope this is what you were hoping for ︎. He asked as he slid his hand up and down your back, calming you down. And you have to promise me that you’ll take care of yourself until there, because I’m sure you’ve been too careless. “ WHY DID YOU HIDE SUCH AN IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM ME. ” He says. He would be understanding and would do the best of his ability to make you feel better. Originally posted by jimiyoong. “ohhh, (Y/N) is tired) Originally posted by kkuks. He grabbed onto your shoulders. He’d repeatedly check his phone to see if you had responded. Oppa’s here to protect you. The sight of you in just his shirt was irresistible but Seokjin being the gentleman he was, waited until after you ate before making a move. This drama-queen would be all over the place. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. 316 notes. he has a lot of sides that he shows the camera — the sleepy, the ‘swag’, the goofy. You greeted all the MC’s and BTS About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . He was simply protecting you. Rap Monster: He would only chuckle to himself when he feels you slap his behind. 2. There were fairy lights hanging from the tree the lone dining table was standing underneath. He was so happy with his wolf’s choice. He instantly understand why his wolf choose you, he even forget you were human for a moment. (If you are Korean, pretend you moved to another city). Yoongi never realized how low your vocal cords would go when you sang, so when he heard you for the first time, he was utterly confused and blown away. 4. Hoseok quickly reacts by coming to your aid. He did his best to calm you, he couldn’t figure out why exactly you had slipped Y/N: You just had to do you, didn’t you?! I can’t stand this! I can’t stand YOU ! Hoseok: No, this is all your fault ! He harshly pushes you into a table, causing you to trip and fall over it, beaking a vase. He’s kind and nurturing at heart and seeing how you struggled kills him a little. OH MY GOD WHAT. He had to come in while you were doing the blindfolded makeup challenge. Originally posted by dont-touch-my-faceuh. He will probably use a more convenient solution like playing a relaxing video for you or whispering safe words in your ears. Namjoon : “Namjoonie… It’s actually my first time” He’d probably pause anything he’s doing to you before grabbing your face in his gentle fingertips. As soon as your eyes adjusted to the light, your gaze fell on the dining table, with food set out on the top and two chairs facing each other. As you entered the kitchen your eyes widened at the sight of four of the boys – Yoongi, Namjoon, Jin and Tae – with overstuffed mouths and a half-empty BTS REACTION WHEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO DO IT BUT YOU TELL THEM YOU’RE VIRGIN. Your eyes are suddenly flickering with light, dancing and playing, as your cheeks dimple and your nose scrunches. Jimin: He would enter the apartment you share together, a little late at night because of practice, to find At the start of the relationship he would have felt really uncomfortable – not because he wouldn’t like it but Jungkook just didn’t know where to put his hands. Jin: “Open your eyes. his hair fell over his forehead perfectly and his captivating eyes immediately locked with yours. i think people misinterpret yoongi and see him as ‘lazy’ which is something that i cant even fathom thinking. Originally posted by bangtaninspired. slow hands slowly pushed the hem of your tshirt higher and higher and jin gripped onto your hips. He wont be showing more of his fun spirit at such a late time of the night, and yet he won’t fall asleep until you have first. “ Where did this come from Jagi?” he asked , turning to look at you. “Tell me what’s wrong and I promise I’ll find a solution. He would find it a little funny when you would get confused about someone telling you to get something and only using a colour to instruct you. ‘I understand now jagi, I’m He froze, food halfway to his mouth. “Baby, don’t cry, daddy is right here. Gifs are not mine. Originally posted by jhopefluxo. EXO reaction to when you wake up after giving birth to yours and his child. Why are you crying?”. You ask as you look at him. He’d say and she’d giggle as his fingers would find her tiny I mean, yes. taehyung was at there to help the kids even Lookin' like an angel, but your savage love/ When you kiss me, I know you don't give two f*cks/ But I still want that. ” a blush crept up your neck as you shook your head, “jin no…” “shush, princess,” jin bit down onto the BTS Reaction to You Being Distant. He scrambles to get up. Bangtan reactions to different scenarios in the form of gif👄💅🏻 I don't own gifs either so, don't @ me - started; sep 2018 - idk why ppl flex ranks but I'm currently #1 in j-hope & btsimagines which has me hollering - only mature for the no no wo I hope you enjoy<33 Special thanks to admin k for some of the ideas<3 ~Admin Coffee. Y/N: I’m gonna kill you. Unclapsing your bra you give in and grab one of his hands, sliding it into your panties and lean forward to his ear “Move!”. You said, flustered, pulling his hand off of your wrist. Previously, Yeri was famous for being blunt, honest, and straight forward. He was tired as heck and didn't see that someone was inside the bathroom. J-Hope. I’m so sorry. Word Count: 1078. #bts imagines. For once you’ve left Namjoon home alone with your five year old son Jamie. He whined quietly. *trips* Originally posted by jitamin V: *screams randomly just to scare you* V: I love you. He couldn’t let you get hurt no BTS were the guests for the new episode of the show Knowing Brothers, they assumed they were the only guests. ”. Answer (1 of 6): Its about a guy who has cheated on his lover & is guilty about it, Guilty feet have got no rhythm Realises his lover knows about his infidelity As the music dies, something in your eyes Calls to mind the silver screen And all its sad good-byes Though it's easy to pretend I kn Last night’s clubbing was a huge blur, and being abducted from your friend’s flat only further added to the haze clouding your mind. “Yeah…”. ” Shaking his head in exasperation, Yoongi took your hand in his and uncapped his pen. Jimin looked Jin. “I’m not gonna laugh at you, come here…” he pulled you into his chest and hugged you tightly. Jungkook: J-Hope: He would look at you like you were crazy but almost immediately after he’s in playful mode. Hoseok: “I love you (Y/N) and I know you love me too break up with that guy and come back to me,”Hoseok read the text on your phone. you know. Kim Taehyung. And the careless you forgot to lock the door, causing him to open the bathroom door. Jin. Taehyung: His eyes would grow wide when he saw your naked form. Hoseok. you were doing community service for your school when the most handsome man you’d ever seen walked in the door. Promise me, Y/N. Jimin: Jimin would be understanding , but really like Namjoon. And even though he wouldn’t outright stare, he Namjoon would guide you over to the couch and pull you to his chest. You two met at the age of 15 when you moved to Korea. Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs. You started to get your makeup and hair done. Hoseok: Are you Originally posted by hobeui. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Jimin was an omega so you were comfortable sharing with him—he himself had experienced it before too. Instead of making his presence known and asking you what you are doing Mr. And this is the song that he would always stick on in the car after he got his driving licence. He groaned, pressing his lips to your eyelids, nose, neck. “ (Y/n), talk to me. I promise. I’ll make sure to give you a big one. “Hand, Y/N. isabearGet Kpop Apparel here: http://bit. bts reactions Fanfiction. Originally posted by kimseokjin. Even though now he could protect you the way he wanted to, he couldn’t be too easy. Taehyung would probably be turned on by the sight, but he definitely didn’t want to wake you. You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me. When you finished putting on your shoes, you heard a knock on your door. Originally posted by yoongichii. it was love at first sight. He would intertwine his fingers with yours and slowly try to ease you into the conversation. Anon: Hi Angel🥺 i adore your writing and i was wondering if you were going to make a part 2 to the BTS reacts to saying something hurtful I looooove part 1🥺. You two are of the same age and studying at the same college, but Misun will major in Marketing. like me. he'd smirk as the comments filled with "OPPA" and "THAT LIP BITE CONSIDER ME DEAD. 📍When he hurts your feelings not knowing you speak/understand Korean too. Bang! In a desperate motion to reach your office his leg clashes with the arm of his chair. Worlwide handsome decided to take some one shot: harassed. Hope you like it! Requests are OPEN! AN: Some of these imply that the reader is dating BTS while others can be seen as platonic (wasn’t too sure which one was preferred) Gender neutral reader. " ARMYs know a BTS song will hit different if it has the "explicit" sticker on After that he’d watch her with loving eyes as his princess would blush while giving her Jungkook oppa his daily morning peck on the cheek. BTS Reaction | you being much younger than them but of age. 5 years ago, 27/01/17 | 1,846 notes #bts #bangtan #bangtan boys #bts reactions #bts scenarios #bts imagines #bts smut #kpop reactions #kpop smut #seokjin #jin #yoongi #suga #hoseok #jhope #namjoon #rap monster #jimin #v #taehyung #jungkook Insta: lil. jin: small kisses were being trailed up your neck as jin’s hands caressed your body. Originally posted by tae-hyung. Without a second thought you grab and tug on your boyfriend’s sleeve, pressing your lips together to not burst into tears. You quickly pressed a warm kiss to his lips and pulled back, too quickly for any of your likings. Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon. Swiftly, he jotted down his phone number and stuck your hand back into your pants pocket. He put you on his lap and hugged you thightly, kissining your face and making you giggle. Jin’s eyes peered into yours with concern. This cuddly boy won’t care if you’re sick, he’ll be by your side 24/7, helping you with absolutely everything. You two clicked the moment you met and ever since then, you have been inseparable. Rap Monster. Jin would notice that you weren’t really talking. He watched your lip jut out as tears formed in your eyes. He was concerned for you. As you bawl your eyes out, his hand pats your head gently. Anon: Absolutely loved the most recent reaction !! He’d glance up, see one of your feet in the air, and finally take notice of you. All of your imperfections make me love you even more. V: You can’t see me in the dark so– *dances while he’s still alive* Originally posted by jitamin Jungkook: “It’s okay, Y/N. However, after they entered the set and began shooting, you entered as a surprise guest. You didn't hear Suga opening the house door and walk into the bedroom. BAMBAM: The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. BTS reaction to you being disgusted when they do something romantic. You warn, trying to push him away. Both your eyes met and for a second, nobody reacted. He would be patient, waiting for you to calm down until you are ready to talk. He would try to stay by your side as much as possible to avoid letting you get overwhelmed by personalities like V and J Hoseoks breathing quickens and his grip tightens to the extend that you can see the veins showing on his arms, as he tries his best to remain as relaxed as possible. So you’ve taken the day off and gone to the spa with some of your girlfriends and left him to the parenting duties. But the funniest, and kind of embarrassing moment was when Jin wants to have a go at it with him, and JM ignores him and goes for JK’s hand again. Y/N: Oh my… Jimin: Shh you should be grateful. He didn’t know when he’d started doing it but he was so glad he did because he finally got to see your beautiful smile more often, bunny teeth and all. You wanted to surprise him, come home early from work and spend some quality kim taehyung: taehyung loves kids and everyone knows this. BTS: Reaction to you crying. He’d also be low-key jealous, and he’d tease you about it. “Jagiya just sit here and be still! Don’t move, don’t even blink! I just want you to be safe and sound I’ll get everything for you! No don’t move aish you worry me so much”. You knew Jin was loyal and that you never had to worry about him doing anything to hurt you; you knew that. And even though he wouldn’t outright stare, he Yoongi asked, taking a step closer to you, accidentally knocking your foreheads together. Currently, Jim Jones’s voice sampling, which was used in “What do you think,” a track in Suga’s mixtape D-2, became a problem. “Hand,” He said as you looked at him in confusion. It wouldn’t really phase him and it definitely wouldn’t make him love you any less. You put your head on his shoulders and watched the computer screen, he turned around and smiled brightly looking at you. You remember the sting you felt, being unrightfully called that by Kim Taehyung last night, his teasing bringing back memories from your early teenage years when people had taken advantage of your complaisant character. Jagi, if you ever wanna release a mixtape, let me know. You murmured still in shock from your nightmare. “I don’t care. It’s the smile that catches him most off guard. — Jo🌱 (@Serendipity3412) April 6, 2022 Jimin. ♥Jin: Don’t get him wrong, he found it adorable that you were confident with your first language and he didn’t mind listening to the conversations you had with your mom, but when your attention drifted off of him for too long he’d get irritated. You gasped as he pressed his tan hand to the expanse of your stomach. He would place a kiss on your forehead and rub over your shoulder. he'd bite his bottom lip, his thoughts instantly over taken with the feel of your lips around his cock. B-Free, a 34-year-old Korean rapper, apologized to BTS and its ARMY fan club on Sunday for his past remarks about two BTS members ― RM and Suga ― on an internet talk show. yoongi is hard to analyse because his personality is so complex. It took you mere seconds to burst your eyes open and jolt upward in the bed. Jungkook: He’d chuckle and smile at his child as she stood between his knees. BTS Reaction to… Y/N getting hurt after getting swarmed by fans. He doesn’t think it’s fair to be harsh toward you and slowly builds his understanding. “Aiiish (Y/n) how long do you plan to And this is the song that he wrote lyrics to, just for you. “Tae, you can’t keep doing this. “Oh now you have to tell me. His frown would grow when he realized you still hadn’t. 1. I’ll go with you, I just don’t want you going through this alone. You’re doing something nice for a friend here. Seokjin would straight away notice either the wound you received or the area of pain you were experiencing, he would panic and rush to fix it before finding out the cause as a habit he had from before. Jimin softly says your name, without asking any questions, as he just pulls you close into a hug. He says, pulling you closer to him. He couldn’t just barge into your apartment while you were doing a glam makeup routine, no. BTS Reactions - taking care of them, but being insecure. He would be both devastated, sad, even maybe a bit mad at himself. ”He just doesn’t know when to stop,”he said one shot: harassed. Compared to the controversy of the female celebrity group partying after new cases broke out in Itaewon, fans thought that netizen’s reaction was “quite gentle compared to the 97-line male People are also calling out Yeri for being careless with her words. “But I don’t want you to get sick too. You decided to go on for a natural look, and let the dress be the star of the night. “What about hi…. He was by your side in seconds holding you in his arms . Taehyung. That’ll bruise later. They are more successful than you will ever be. As you entered the kitchen your eyes widened at the sight of four of the boys – Yoongi, Namjoon, Jin and Tae – with overstuffed mouths and a half-empty BTS reaction to you being chubby. And you did. Namjoon smiled at you and you both went to your bedroom, finally resting. He would wait until you calmed down a little bit and then ask you. He’d be a little surprised that you reached out to feed him but he’d grin and open wide, enjoying it. But he hadn’t expected you to accept his rules right away and practically let him lock you up in his apartment. ” Namjoon:: Originally posted by slapmon jin: small kisses were being trailed up your neck as jin’s hands caressed your body. We’ve got to go,” you said softly, trying to wake Yoongi up from his nap. Jimin: Hearing you moan from such little things would definitely have him biting his lip. He was happy you were agreeing so easily, though he wouldn’t let his guard down. He was so shocked when it all happened , when you were pushed down the stairs ,that he didn`t react as fast as he would had liked to . You held your head in pain and Yoongi instantly regretted everything. “Come on, wake up. You thought you knew that…. Shut the fuck up. Originally posted by kinglywomen. Ahn Hwan The maknae of the group, an angel. “But baby, your Joonie oppa would break all your toys. X. He would slap your butt repeatedly until you’re running away from him. He loves making you moan dos he would be like Yoongi, kissing and biting And the few who were still inside were completely immersed in their phones. He’d fall to the floor or to his knees in front fo you and beg for forgiveness, but after explaining to him that you were only a bit annoyed from his obsessive behavior he would completely change. YOU ARE READING. " his hand would come down, pushing your head down onto BTS SCENARIOS/REACTIONS. You’re not letting anyone push you around, Maor. He would end up hitting your butt back but he wouldn’t settle for just once. And this is the one that he always said reminded him of you. Lost in the mists of nostalgia, you’re startled when another voice joins you, singing along. -You’re so cute when you wana cuddle. Originally posted by smileyoongle. He had tears in his eyes scared that you were seriously hurt and beyond mad because someone wanted to hurt you . “Bad dream?”. Continue to be jealous. Okay?” he looks at you and you nodded. “If I told you—you’d never believe me. He’d take videos of himself doing dumb and cute things, saying how much he loved you. BTS Reaction | them saying something hurtful to you and you start crying. Yes. Jin: We all know Jin loves to eat, so you feeding him would only spur his excitement and love for you. Jimin would take one look at you and he be awestruck. Jin: The second Jin’s eyes meet yours, he makes his way over to you quickly and wraps you in an embrace. Yoongi. While they were only being careless, they have been criticized as if they were caught in a scandal as severe as Burning Sun”, one fan commented. You’re gonna get sick too. Hoseok is the type of partner who wants to make sure that you’re satisfied and happy, so if this is what you like, he’d happily do it constantly. BTS: Reaction to you speaking your native language. “I’m sorry. He is Mr. #bts. I wanted to, and still do want to It’s the smile that catches him most off guard. BTS Reaction | you breaking down because of University stress. “How bad does it hurt?” He didn’t even give you time to respond before you wrapped his arms tightly around you, kissing your forehead. “Mummy doesn’t hate you, she just has her way of showing you she loves you, and daddy wants you to go apologise to mummy for what you did okay?”. EXO reaction to coming home to see you crying on the floor because your mum called saying that your childhood pet got killed or needs to be put down. 📍 The Morning BTS: Caught Cheating on You. You were both getting ready for the day when you asked , “ You will Taehyung. BTS Reactions. #bts reaction. How could someone smaller than him have such a deep voice? *after you finished* “Holy hell. After you tell him that you are so stressed because of university work he He could feel himself growing hard as his gaze was suddenly drawn to your exposed legs. You’re not a pushover. •Jin: The second your tears started, he panicked. Credit : on videoThank you for watching💜#bts A bold move for a wholesome cutie. It’s your fault for not treating her right and now you’ve realized your idiotic mistake but it’s to late,”Tae said looking him straight in the eyes. “god i love your hips, baby,” he whispered into your ear, “you’re so pretty for me. Originally posted by googies-kookies. The clip on this video is not mine i just editing amd make compilation. Originally posted by chimchams. . “Come on y/n, don’t show off, it’s unattractive. EXO reaction to their S/O being super gullible. Just say you are racist and xenophobic, alot quicker than claiming you hate them but " don't need to have a reason". Your tears start flowing immediately, as his warmth feels too good to be real. NAMJOON; joonie would be talking about the possible release of a new mixtape when you'd unzip his pants. MASTERLIST. His favorite place to touch you.

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